I've been working in the area of  brand strategy and organisational alignment for the best part of the last 23 years or so, as a Partner at Lippincott, a Director at Landor, as well as independently. My career actually began with a central and operational role in a 3-year change management initiative for a regional satellite TV business. I've also spent some years in the world of innovation and product design working at Frog Design, and ran a non-profit foundation focused on integrating the topic of sustainability into university curricula around the world for about a year and a half. 

* * *

My real passion, though, is helping organisations figure out how to bring their brands to life. It’s one thing to develop a brilliant brand story, but it’s something else completely to shift the mindset of an organisation to align the way it thinks and operates with that story. Drawing on all that I've learned from the world of branding, organisational alignment, change management, culture transformation, and innovation, I've developed a process and methodology to help organisations achieve just that. 

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My work philosophy is to ensure organisations create lasting solutions through ownership. So rather than dictate solutions, I serve as an objective third-party expert to facilitate, steer, and enable internal teams in developing new ideas and solutions that are aligned with their brand's purpose and strategy. I'm great at stirring things up, so if it's change you're looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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My areas of expertise:

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Customer experience design
  • Employee experience design
  • Employee engagement
  • Leadership vision and alignment
  • Workshop facilitation 
  • Brand diagnostics and insights
  • Vision, purpose, values
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand experience design
  • Brand development
  • Brand activation


I'm a firm believer in using workshops to achieve quick and tangible results. There's nothing more powerful than putting a team together in a room for a number of days, and creating a safe environment for them to work together constructively towards a common goal. 

The beauty of workshops is that they can be used at all levels of an organisation to achieve different purposes. In addition to running workshops in the areas mentioned above, I also run tailored ExecTHINK workshops aimed at senior executives, focusing on strategy development, innovation, consensus building, and creating alignment. 

If you have other ideas for your workshop, let me know. I love a good challenge.

“Thank you for your patience and your guidance. I have been to many workshops but this was one of the best. You kept all of us engaged until the end -
which is not easy with this crowd.”
— VP innovation, du (telco)


I've worked with, provoked, and sparred with inspired leaders from all walks of life, challenging conventional thinking on how to create and deliver great brand experiences, including a couple heads of state, members of royal families, multiple ministers, and countless chairmen, chief officers, and senior directors.






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