I've spent over 20 years working across the EMEA region, and across multiple industry sectors. The bulk of my career has been in the world of brand strategy, internal alignment, and innovation, working at Lippincott, Landor, Frog Design, as well as independently. I also spent 3 years in a central operational role as part of a change management initiative for a satellite TV business, and more than a year running a non-profit foundation focused on integrating the topic of sustainability into university curricula around the world. 

My passion has always revolved around the human aspect of organisations, from understanding customers to helping organisations figure out how to get the most out of their people and teams. 

I'm insatiably curious and love challenging conventional thinking. 

I've lived in 8 different countries and have called Amsterdam home since 2013. Palestinian by birth, Irish by citizenship, and a citizen of the world by choice. I speak Arabic and English, am working towards fluency in Italian, have forgotten most of my German, and can still get myself into trouble in multiple languages.